Windy Ariestanty: The Modern Version of Kartini

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I'm addicted to the new challenges. For me, stop is same as dead –Windy Ariestanty

A few years ago I attended a writing workshop at Tebet. The main speaker was Windy Ariestanty. Before I came here, I did not know much about her. I just know she is an editor and a writer. After spending almost 40 minutes hearing her stories and writing tips. I was amazed .. she is not only good at writing and editing, she is also a great speaker, translator, traveler, and really concerned with education.

She is a frequent speaker for the workshop, organizes mini-classes on writing, sharing her knowledge with women, and contributes to building (Rumah Baca) for children that living in remote areas. I really adore her. I can say, she is the modern version of Kartini. Happy Kartini's Day. #BZAtmagoGiveaway #KartinisDay
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