The beauty of bravery

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Kartini's day, which was celebrated some days ago, has encouraged Indonesian women to be brave in delivering thought and be more equal. Thanks to Kartini who struggled to make women's roles more equal as well as created the freedom to pursue an education. In this era, we also find other Kartini who struggle in their ways in order to make the world better. In regards to a modern Kartini, it reminds me of a woman who truly inspires me, Susi Pudjiastuti, Indonesian fisheries minister. I do adore her because she proves that you can not just the book by its cover. She blows my mind by acting out of the box, for instance, hundreds of illegal boats have been blown up on her orders. Also, her appearance is always unique and eccentric for a minister. All of all, I adore her because of her bravery, achievements, intelligence, and creativities.
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