My Idol, Sheryl Sandberg

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Celebrating Kartini's Day on April, 21 in Indonesia reminds me about International Women’s Day (a.k.a Women’s History Month in the US) on March, 8. Between Kartini’s day and International Women’s Day have a similarity, which is to appreciate achievements of women and to empower them to be social equality.

Sheryl Sandberg, this woman is such an idol for me. She’s the chief operation officer (COO) of Facebook, since 2008.

I found her inspiring from her talk at TedWomen 2010, giving out topic about her anxiety of today’s world where we have too few women leaders.

She started realize this problem during her pitching in a meeting in New York that she was the only woman that pitched in that office.

How do we fix this. How to keep women in the workforce. Especially what we can do as an individual. She gave 3 tips.

1. Sit at the table. Women’s systematically underestimate their own ability. If you ask men, why they did a good job, they will answer ‘I’m awesome’. The answer will be different if you ask women. They tend to say they got lucky, they work hard, someone helped them. No one gets the promotion if they don’t think they deserve the success. We have to believe in ourself, believe we can get the the A, believe our ability.

2. Make your partner a real partner. Woman does twice of houseworks than man does. in society, we put more stress on boys to succeed than we do for girls. In my opinion, the society makes us do so. People believe that women have to handle household works than men. But this doesnt mean it is the way things have to be. We actually can work together, and do whatever works for us, not just based on "people saying".

3. Don't leave before you leave. See the objective of staying in the workforce. Don’t make too early decision that makes you lean back taking opportunities in the office, because you plan to get married a few years later. Just keep your foot on the gas pedal, until the very day you need to leave you to take a break to take care a child. Because after you have your child, you would think you’re gonna be bored. because you should have taken the opportunities few years ago.

These tips are not to judge whether what you’re doing is wrong or right. I agree with her and I am as hopeful as her, to have more women leaders in this world. #BZAtmagoGiveaway #KartinisDay
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