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  An Anonim said," It's better late than never", so with full of my respect, Happy Kartini Day!! A special day created and dedicated for all strong, independent and beautiful women in Indonesia. Well, there are so many tough women in Indonesia who inspire other women to follow their footstep or struggle such as R.A Kartini herself, Sri Mulyani, Susi Pudjiastuti, etc.
  They had their own fighting upon their era and I think all woman in this world did the same. Every woman has their own problem dan fighting, either she is just an household who raise the children or even she is in the office, who facing her work to support their family. So, I could say, every single woman on the earth are special regardless from their Position, Occupation, Role in family or more than that, in Society.
  This beauty on the picture is my Grandmother. Same as another woman, She has her own fighting. Not to Achieve an equality like Kartini did, but how she were working hard to raise and feed their Children. For me, she is my Professor, which teach me with the value of the life and so many knowledge that even reputable university couldn’t give, and there is no lecturer or teacher can replace her place. She taught me to be strong, independent, and care to another. Because I think those are the essence of the woman, someone who teach the man love, care, share is about.
  I'm a proud Grandson, I do not hope she should be like KARTINI or another great woman. If someone would ask me, " What is the most highest salary occupation in the world", I would be answer, THE MOTHER. When we think about occupation, it means something that has role and work, and when we talk about salary, not forever it should be in the cash, but respect and love are beyond that certain amount of paper. So, I think the occupation of the Mother is the most highest salary in the world since every mother are very responsible and do so many sacrifices for their children. I have my Grandmother which I consider as my mother and UNFORTUNATELY, SHE IS NOT KARTINI but I'm beyond grateful that SHE is just my beloved Grandmother. #BZAtmagoGiveaway #KartinisDay
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