Modern Kartini

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Kartini's day is similar to Woman's day, showing how great women could be. Indonesian people celebrate Kartini's day every 21 April. We can celebrate it in many ways; fashion show, cooking competition, or writing competition.
I'd like to share my modern Kartini nowadays, besides my lovely mom (I bet all of you also think that your mother is your Kartini icon, right?) So, Anshah Shafah Nabillah is one of my inspiring women. She's my cousin, she's a mom and best friend for her siblings and also a best friend for me.
She is a workaholic, she works in AIDS department in The Ministry of Health. But she never forgets her family, her family is number one for her. She manages her time wisely. Works on weekdays, volunteering on weekend and family time on weekend. She participates in some comunities and also active on it. She teaches her siblings every evening, makes healthy food for them every morning and evening, and many things that makes her inspired me. She never looks sad when she's down nor weak. She also likes to remind me to always do the good things, we always hang out together, study together, or do crazy things together.
I hope that no matter how busy you are, put your family first.
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