Khadijah Radiallahu'anha

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Khadijah binti Khuwailid ibn Asad ibn Abdil Uzza ibn Qushay. She's one of my inspiring women I ever knew. She was born in 15years before Prophet Muhammad SAW's born day. I admired her as my role model of muslimah. She has complete package as a beautiful woman, with a great corageus and a strong faith in Tauhid (unity of God's belief). Her name has been written in so many books which described her journey in accompenying Rasulullah SAW as the Messangger of Allah. Peace be upon Him. No doubt, no argue, She deserved to got a whole love from Prophet Muhammad SAW because She gived the best of her sincerely. Her figure in Rasululloh's heart is very impressing and deeply adorable... Khadijah, is not only a good wife ever, but also is a symbol of the true love.
Wallahu'alam bishawwab. #BZAtmagoGiveaway #Kartinisday
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