Britzone English Community #BritzoneLeadershipClass

23 November 2018, 12:15
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Britzone English Community #BritzoneLeadershipClass
Britzone Leadership Class Proudly Presents:

By Muh. Naim Syahrir (President of Britzone 2018)

Have you ever wondered how to communicate effectively within a Company or an Organization ?

As we may have known, Internal Communication plays an important role in running a Company or an Organization. An effective internal communication helps to ensure that People within the Company or Organisation are able to work collaboratively towards a common goal.

But the point is, how do we enhance our Internal Communication Skill?
Luckily, this Saturday We will have Leadership Class Session to discuss the strategy to enhance our Internal Communication Skill with Our Current President, Muh Naim Syahrir.

Let's make it more fun and enjoyable by bringing more friends. Tag/mention your friends in the comment below to invite them. The class will be held at:
- Location: The Library of Ministry of Education and Culture, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 4-5 Jakarta Selatan
- Day/Date: Saturday, November 24th 2018
- Time: 11.00 - 13.00 PM
PS: Please come on time, you will never know what will surprise you!

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