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With the number of COVID-19 cases going up over the past few weeks, the Indonesian government has imposed everyone in Indonesia should now avoid ‘non-essential contact’, or travel to fight The COVID-19. People begin self-isolation in which all of us have been advised not to go out or meet people unless it’s absolutely necessary. For instance, if we run out of food or need to go for a quick stroll in the park for some exercises to unwind. Self –isolation is one of the measures suggested by the Ministry of health so as to mitigate the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country. The unprecedented situation is definitely affecting us in a huge way such as financially, mentally, and socially. I, however, think being depressed in the alarming situation will only add insult to injury. What the entire world is undergoing at the moment is excruciating.

I would love to share my personal experience in order to bounce some ideas off how to cope with the worrisome situation to reinforce my mentality by zeroing in on what I can control to distract my mind from worrying. First of all, don’t be such a Covidiot and let’s be a responsible citizen by staying indoors. Little do people realize that ignoring social-distancing will easily cause the spread of the Pandemic. I do believe many of us try to do our utmost to stay active and productive. To pass the time I have taken up the new hobby and got back into the old one, as examples cooking and writing. Normally, I wouldn't be able to spend much time on it. On the other hand in these days, I’m doing it as if I had no other plans.

Moreover, Be dressed. I'm reluctant to wear pajamas the entire day. Putting on some comfortable clothes prior to my morning routine assists me to brighten up my whole day. In the afternoon, as a rule, I take a stroll in the park nearby. Yet, I need to abide by the protocols of health advice. During this time of upheaval, it gets me ruminating the real value of health. Another crucial aspect is to stay connected with friends and family by communicating to each other through virtual tools, never take your loved ones for granted as our lives are fragile. We truly never know when our time will be up.

From the one side, Every sky has a silver lining. Despite the fact that a few days in quarantine everything seemed to be a drag i learned precious things. I have a huge opportunity to enrich my new skills and better my comprehension of life. Especially, Everyone can survive without having junk food, The planet regenerates quickly without humans, and animals most likely feel the same way in a zoo.

To sum up, I hold the view that this quarantine is really tested how invested we are towards others whether it be ourselves, friendships, relationships, and even societies. How much we are willing to look after each other by giving our help, sympathy, and love. We jointly go through this pandemic and go back to our normal life. Better days will return.



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