what is happening in your Souroundings during pandemic

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During (this) pandemic, a lot of things happen. Even the mosque (does) not only echo the (prayer calls), but also announce (unfortunate) news. (Regardless of how desperate we feel), COVID-19 continues to (stay), (even with) the health protocols that is being implemented (stricter than ever), (endless doses of) vaccines (distributed throughout the nation), (and last but not least), the PPKM (gives no stopping signs). Then, what about schools? For the time being, as long as COVID-19 is not over, (education) will (continue to) be held online, except for areas which are (considered) to be of level 3-1. (These levels) are allowed (to conduct) (face-to-face meetings). However, on September 6, Malang city government agreed to conduct face-to-face experiment. (Of course), the health protocols (are compulsory to) still be carried out. (Citizens must by now understand that) going against the protocol is tantamount to seeking death. Therefore, during this pandemic and Ppkm, we must comply to the (instructed) health protocols that have been by the government.
(We must open one's blind eye) on the fact that our lives are (at stakes), even those who are currently struggling with growling stomachs. Indeed, this pandemic makes people (ever so) restless. Countless fathers were fired from their companies due to bankruptcy, losing their minds as to how they could bring home something to eat. If I were a time traveler, I would wish to turn everything back to the beginning of time, where I would study hard and reach for the opportunities that I could have jumped to. Coronavirus has existed for quite a long time, but only now has it emerged and evolved due to humans’ pompous greed and neverending gluttony.
A pandemic like this cannot be blamed at, because this is neither God's nor man's fault, but this is a reminder from the Almighty for us to not be greedy and stop destroying the place you live in. If one's place to live is destroyed, they might think of moving to other places. However, would other planets be available? Humans can only selfishly think of themselves, not for every single one of the seven billion populations out there, not to mention the animals and plants too. Every day, ambulances pass by, screaming the sirens as though it was your turn next. Regardless of how tired those metal engines are carrying corpses or patients, countless cemeteries being buried every second, hopeless people scrambling to get vaccine doses, but there are still many ignorant people who don't believe in Coronavirus.
Those who have had the vaccines also had misconceptions- it doesn't mean that one will immediately be immune and invincible like Superman, but we are given additional immunity to fight the viruses, especially coronavirus. To those who kept thinking of the negative side effects, don't think negatively about what happens after you get vaccinated, because everyone's side effects depend on their immunity. Nevertheless, this virus is not to be underestimated, as this is a deadly virus that can continue to evolve. Those who still refuse to believe it? Come to the hospital and witness the bitter scene there. Calm down, don’t panic about the corona virus.
We only need to be vigilant and alert, as indeed this virus is deadly, but it doesn't mean we should panic as if there will be zombies wanting to bite us.



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