This is my rant about Pandemic

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Hello EveryBody, Good Day.......
In this moment, let me tell you about pandemic that happen in this world. And this is about me as long as i live my day with this bad situation, it is clearly because of pandemic.

Yeah, that is pandemic. With this problem we were having a test, where how our ways to response this problem and how our ways to give the solution of this problem. All of people know, we are down right now. But give up it not the only one thing should we said

It will not easy to throught it all, but survive and fighting are the best way to do now. So stop to be worry. Everyday and day by day walk with time but this condition still can not healing. So let us ask to the almighty God, why this problem come to our life and can not stop until right now . What is the purpose of this problem come to our life? This is so bad

Always try to be fine and survive with this cases, but what is the reality? The pandemic still join with us, with our life. Is not it?. The clearly problem trying to kill us one by one. And income slowly down, how about our healthy in our body? Is it would be fine? No not yet.

So what should we do to our life right now? Can we survive in our limitation? And try to be patient and ask. When will this covid stop and go so far from our life that always disturb our activities everyday and event every moment.
Oh this so bad. Very bad problem that i ever had before.

My experience as long as the situation of pandemic, my day being empthy and very limited. Where i just can able to spend all of my time at home. And can not go to somewhere as I like. But be carrefull the one word always remind me in my mind. But it is okay, hope the condition our earth where we live here can healing soon and would be fine. So that we save in this earth just like we live without pandemic and can do our activities as usually without feeling afraid and without feeling worried....

I think that's all my story about this pandemic, and how about you? Let me know. And see you in the next occassion.....


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