Pandemic situation

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Dear every we know that in this pandemic situation Made our life more difficult. Many worker stop from their job, work from home, online school and many more bad impact in our real life. We can not do our daily Activity as usual,all have changed. Before We know that we can do all of our Activity normally,we go to work as a normal,we can go anywhere and even we can gather one each other. but now every thing have changed. We are not allowed to go anywhere without the importance things, we just stay at home,work from home,wear mask,avoid the crowdness and dilligent to wash our hand. Our governments never tired to always remind us sothat we obey the rules. Let's look at on economies field, many people lost their job and of course their income are totally down incase they have to provide all needings of their family,on the other hand many people lost their family,it's worse. But what can we say we have to aware and take care of this pandemic situation. I would like to tell the situation in my surronding, especially in education field, many schools are close, all of students study at's Mean that all of teachers must be able to create an unique virtual learning,why? Because we know that if we just stay at home, study at home it's a simply hard, i'm sure many people Will feel boring, we just sit on the chair, always there infront of mobile phone or computer, and it makes our knowledge, our socialization Will be limited. Eventhough like that we are still have many important website for study such As YouTube, google and many more. We must able make it useful for our education,as we know that we are in modern and digital era, many information that we can access, our task is how we can use the digital smartly. We are as user of digital must be able to find,use and create. it's defend by our selves. We can also look at the development of this Corona virus in Indonesian or even on the other country, we are as a young generate let's make the change for our safety life.
Hopefully this articel are useful, that's all thank you


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