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Hello Everyone,My Name is Ana. Now I am gonna tell you About My experience as Medic personnel during this pandemic.

well, Being a medic personnel during pandemic is not easy. Hard but also fun. As a medical professional, I have realized many things during the pandemic. especially the lack of society education about covid-19 virus, I also found this from my non-medical friends and also my own family. as we Know reading is not our culture to find information no exception covid-19 information. we are used to hearing so we need an extra approach to the society about this. but I was Think,"who am i? I'm just an ordinary medic personnel who has no power".Then I tried to make a small approach to a friend who was affected by Covid, that they no need to panic and told them also what should they do. Not unexpectedly , I helped a lot of those who were self-isolating at home after. conduct free consultations and make patients feel safe and not panic. I think this is a normal thinks, but when I did it for the first time and the patient felt helped from the start till they free from Covid-19, the feeling of happiness and satisfaction was extraordinary because I can share what I have to people around. so this has become my habit during the pandemic. become an online Covid-19 consultant for friends, family and people around me. Sometimes, Money Its not main point for us to do something. But There is a Humanity that Above of all ❤️ .

Then what kind of consultation that actually I do till make them calm and not panic? I provide an easy explanation for those who are laymen about Covid-19. So, for you guys or for people around you who are currently in Covid-19 isolation, Remember that you guys no need to panic, just pay attention to the 1 most important thing, symptoms. Pay attention to the symptoms you feel when exposed to Covid-19. If you have mild symptoms (Cough, Fever and Loss of taste) it is enough to isolate at home by consuming antiviral, pain medication, Vitamin C and Multivitamins, If there are additional symptoms such as flu, you can also add flu medicine, and don't forget to sunbathe to get natural vitamin D the body needs as antibodies. but if the symptoms are felt to the stage of shortness of breath (usually felt by those who have a history of asthma and lung disease) it is not recommended to self-isolate because it is quite risky, especially for the elderly. There is also no need to panic for those who are isolating in health facilities. trust us we will give the best for you. Your healing is our satisfaction and happiness !

Don't forget to follow health protocol . #keephealthy#TogetherWeCan



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