News of Covid-19 especially for human life

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Corona virus brings bad impact for many people, especially in human life because it makes many people are suffer, lost the family,job and income. We are forced work from home, don't go anywhere and must avoid the crowdness. Our government always remind us to always obey and done the rules and , if we don't have the important thing we are not allow to go outside,always wear mask and social distance. Corona virus is very dangerous for our life because it Made many people died, that's why we should be carefull and Always obey the rules. I think in this pandemic situation we have to improve our self awarness, we need to evalute our selves first, by wear mask, social distancing and just stay at home, we are as a normal person certainly we feel bored and sad for this bad situation but i'm sure all of us won't this situation came but we have make sure that we are fully take care of this condition,don't ever feel free. We have known that we got the vaccinated but it doesn't Mean we are free or even Will be health, no it's just make sure our antibody strong. I would like to share the condition surronding me. Many people work from home, all of the mall are closed. We are as a young generate we have to make sure that we always obey the regulatiton. Eventhough we just stay at home, study at home but it doesn't Mean we become lazy or even lost our mind. As we know that not only us are struggled but all of our government too. Corona virus made many people lost their family, their wishes. This virus made our economies field are down. On the other hand
We can not ignore this condition or asume that the virus nothing in our life. I think self awarness is very important because we could find and aware of our this situation. We could not avoid or even won't to obey the rules.
Corona virus made us feel sad, but it doesn't Mean we are also give up. The impact of this pandemic are, many people lost their job, their family and their income.
Hopefully this essay is important for human life
That's all thank you,


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