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Gambar untuk MALEAN SAMPI

Malean sampi is a tradition of cow racing conducted by the people of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Malean Sampi Culture is usually held in rice fields in Lingsar District and Narmada Subdistrict. In Sasak, Malean Sampi consists of two syllables, namely Malean which means chasing and Sampi which means Cow. This event is held with farmers and ranchers herding their cows running in the middle of muddy rice fields.
Malean Sampi was followed by 47 pairs of cows as participants from Narmada and Lingsar sub-districts. The day before there was a carnival of dozens of cow couples who participated in this event. Cows were herded from the Strait Village Office and finished in the racecourse. This activity became one of the calendar of tourism events in Lobar.
The tradition of malean sampi is held at the time of completion of the rice harvest and when it starts planting rice. Because at that time the ground was empty there were no plants and submerged in water. Cows that will be contested first are decorated and beautified as well as possible to attract the attention of the audience.
Decorations can be flags, stickers or small banners and other complementary devices. Cows that are tested in the Event Malean Sampi is usually selected taken by males, horns already look hard, and have been slammed or injected. The bante system is done to make it easier for cow owners to teach how to compete properly. The tested cow is juxtaposed into one market and ridden by a tough and experienced jockey.
Good, not turning, then the cow in question will be the target of cow merchants to be bought at a very high price.
Malean Sampi event begins with a parade, pairs of cows surround the race arena. The tourists and invited guests are treated to an interesting game typical of Lombok, namely Peresean. After this procession, the invited guests are no exception the tourists also dissolved in the sasak-style joint meal, namely Begibung. Rows of trays (high trays) are placed pantia for tourists and invited guests.
They eat together sasak style as an embodiment of the peace and cohesiveness of the community with a traditional lauq-pauq that is quite simple.
The Purpose of Malean Cow Tradition
Malean Sampi as a place of silaturrahmi between farmers, ranchers and as a form of gratitude for the rice harvest that has been done, this event is also a public
Implementation time and Process
entertainment event and even becomes a tourism promotion event. As a village innovation that must still be grown for efforts to advance tourism.
This tradition is a tradition of delivering food to the rice fields for families who work in the rice fields. This tradition must be preserved because it is a relic of the previous parents. And hope this activity can be exposed as widely as possible through various existing media. Thus the event event can be better known from domestic to foreign.

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