How to Eradicate The Poverty in Tangerang within 2 Decades

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In 180 AD, the emperor of Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius said, “Poverty is the mother of crime”. Poverty means poor or when someone does not have a socially acceptable amount of money. This beautiful quote still questionable because criminality not only done by poor people but also by rich people. For instance, Juliari Batubara former Social Affairs Minister who has been found guilty of accepting bribes in relation to Covid-19 social aid packages. To my mind, criminality will happen when someone feels greedy because they are wanting something they do not have, not having what they are already have. Well, put aside Batubara’s case and back to the Marcus Aurelius statement. Although his statement was thousand years old, it still relatable with our society nowadays, especially since March 2020 when covid-19 attacked us. In 2020, 27.55 million people in Indonesia live under the poverty line and criminality rate increased 19.72% by Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, Ida Fauziyah ministry of manpower and transmigration told us that over 3.6 million of workers have been laid off.

Along with those statistics, the criminality rate in Tangerang City increased 6.29% during 2020 and its dominance by theft cases. According to infobalaraja, from 13rd September until 18th September 2021, there are five criminal cases that happened around Balaraja with a total cost ten of million rupiahs. The Head of the National Police Security Maintenance Agency Irjen Pol Agus Andriyanto informed that criminal cases increased due to many peoples financially affected by Covid-19. To the best of my belief, they brought themselves into lawbreaking just because they were ravenous but did not have any food to eat. This causality is easy to understand because as human beings, we have a DNA to survive.

In order to figure out this heartbreaking fact, China become a country that should be followed. Based on World Bank report, in 2000 two-thirds people in China live in poverty or in other word poverty rate in China equal to 49.8%. Surprisingly, that percentages dropped drastically became 0.6% in 2019. On 25th February 2021, through his speech President of China, Xi Jinping claimed that he has been succeeded to wipe out the poverty among villagers. As a leader of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping ordered to all his party members and official to alleviate the poverty. Over the last eight years, at least 3 million party members went door to door identify impoverished household and delivering assistance from loans to farm animals. Furthermore, the government has spent as much as $248 billion on poverty eradication. So, from what China has done to eradicate the poverty, it can be used as references by Indonesian government.



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