Gardening is Healing

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Covid-19 is the hottest issue especially in Indonesia. It's something unseen but very dangerous. Belive or not, the people look strong and healthy can be reported as medical patient or even die only in several days. The eployees who work from home get so many difficulties jobs. Then they will get frustration, high boold pressure, and they must face their wife's anger. For some husbands those are really big prooblems.
All the men made hydroponic plants and exploited the narrow place of their yard. Almost all of the did it. They planted kind of herbal plants such as red ginger, turmeric, lime, lemongrass, betel leaf etc.
Most of them are happy and enjoying work from home during this pandemic era. When i asked them personally they said that gardening makes their mind fresh and relax. It's good for keep our imunity to fight the virus.



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