English debate workshop opened!

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Gambar untuk English debate workshop opened!

boo yahhh!! here it comes!
CLDC - *Debate Camp and Anti Bullying Campaign* registration is open

*_Debate Camp & Anti Bullying Campaign_* is an event which is presented by CLDC's high school department. It is a three-day debate workshop followed by several activities to invite students to be concerned and to contribute in solving social problems. This year's debate camp raises the issue of bullying expecting that students become the agents of anti-bullying. You will get a very meaningful knowledge with great coaches and meet many friends from different high school across Central Lombok.

_*Save the date:*_
📆 _8th August - 8th September 2019_

📃 Consent letter from school
💵Complete the payment
transfer to:
No.rek: 4705-01-028111-53-4
a.n. Siti Amanda Oktaviani
(take picture of the receipt)
🖥Fill in the online registration form
klik link: bit.ly/FormDC_ABC
📱Follow ig @Central_Lombok_Debate_Com and like Facebook CLDC -Central Lombok Debate Community


_*Limited seat!! Grab your ticket now!


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