Dewata Kite Festival (Festival Layang-layang Pulau Dewata)

4 2 1927
Gambar untuk Dewata Kite Festival (Festival Layang-layang Pulau Dewata)
By. Intan Kurniawati
Mahasiswa Pascasarjana UNDIKMA

The Bali Kite Festival, a kite festival that is held every year. This seasonal festival has a religious message intended to send a message to Hindu gods to provide abundant agricultural produces (Wikipedia, In addition, not only to preserve tradition, this festival will be used as amusement to attract tourists because it has unique Balinese forms. This festival is held in July or between July and August, which is during the dry season because the wind that blows in this season is very good so it is suitable for flying kites (Balinese people call it “Melayangan”).
This kite festival is held in the Padang Galak Beach area, Sanur, Bali, but this kite festival can also be found in Sanur (Mertasari Beach Kite Festival), or the Tanah Lot Kite Festival. This tradition is not only carried out by children but also by adults. The unique thing about this festival is that the kites are made to have a larger size or can be referred to as a giant kite with a width of 4 meters and a length of 10 meters. To fly a kite in each team there are 10 or more people depending on how big the kite is. In addition, this kite can also produce a buzzing sound or called a “Guwang”, where the sound is produced from vibrations in the bowstring.
In general, there are 3 forms of kites that are celebrated, namely Bebean (fish-shaped), Janggan (bird-shaped) and Pecukan (leaf-shaped) kites (Wikipedia:, but there are also other forms according to the creativity of the kite maker.
1.Babean Kite
Babean kite from Balinese "be" means fish. When this kite is in the air it will look like a fish swimming in water.

2.Pecuk Kite
The Pecuk kite is a Balinese kite that has 4 corners and a curved shape that looks like a leaf. Pecuk in Balinese means to bend.

3.Janggan Kite
According to Balinese people, the Janggan kite is a sacred kite because its shape resembles a dragon, which
is believed to be the dragon that guards the stability of the world. Before and after flying a janggan kite, the kite must be cleaned first (Disucikan). For the Balinese, they believe that kites have a body, bones and spirit known as “Rancang Bangun”.

Based on three types of kites mentioned above, the shape never changes as a form of respect for ancestors. Along with time, some people have developed creative kites, namely kites made (Layangan Kreasi) according to creativity with various forms. When the festival is held, usually thousands of kites are flown.

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