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Feb 27
Britzone English Community #BritzoneWednesdayClass
27 Feb 2019, 18:30 WIB — 20:00 WIB
Two Ears, But Only One Mouth
Matthew - Backend & Game Developer

“Are you listening to me?” This question is often asked because the speaker thinks the audience is nodding off or daydreaming. We sometimes think that listening means we only have to sit back, stay barely awake, and let the speaker talks.

Nowadays, communication is more important than to really listening to one another. Genuine listening has become a rare gift, though it actually helps build relationships, solve problems, ensure understanding, resolve conflicts, and improve accuracy. At work, effective listening means fewer errors and less wasted time. At home, it helps develop resourceful, self-reliant kids who can solve their own problems. So, listening builds friendships and careers.

And, though you may think you're a pretty good listener, research indicates that most of us use only 25 percent of our full listening potential. So, why don't we test on how well do we listen, tonight?

Come and join our class at:
- Location: The Library of Ministry of Education and Culture
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 4-5
Jakarta Selatan
- Day/Date: Wednesday, February 20th, 2019
- Time: 06.30PM - 08.00PM

Britzone is supported by Atmago and The Library of Ministry of Education and Culture

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