Recap of Indonesia 2021 with Atma Connect

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Our Reach In Numbers

Who we reached and where


Users on
Number of views to pages on AtmaGo
Total listening hours reached through radio streaming programme

Gender and Age

56.8% of our users are Female

43.2% others are male

43.4% of our users are 18 - 24

  • 27.8% Aged 24 - 34

  • 28.8% Aged 35 - 65+


46.5% other cities across Indonesia

27.5% users are in Jakarta

14% users are in Surabaya

12% users are in West Java


AtmaGo Community Space is a new feature that we released in June 2021 in order to support discussions and positive change in communities

The Impact That Communities on AtmaGo are Having

Notable Communities of 2021

Most Active Community
Most Followed Community
Kabar Desa

Lingkungan Hidup, Pelayanan Publik



How we've helped communities throughout the year

Disaster Alert System

338 Flood Alerts provided by AtmaGo.

365 Earthquake Alerts provided by AtmaGo.

Job Openings

3,930 Job Openings shared in AtmaGo.

974,356 People saw Job Openings information on AtmaGo.

Public Health Center

In November, AtmaGo worked with Local Office of Health (Dinkes) Brebes in order to create a complaint handling system to enhance accountability and oversight in local healthcare centers.

2 Local Healthcare Centers Involved in the Pilot
Impact of Public Health Center Feature

Report and complaint system to improve public health center quality.

31 Citizen reports were created in order to improve health-center services.

6 Citizen reports were solved and improved services at the local health centers.

Users on AtmaGo Covid-19 Microsite
Number of Covid-19 Posts on AtmaGo
Views of Covid-19 Posts on AtmaGo

Activities and Achievements

Highlights of Atma's Work in communities


Online platforms and features that we released throughout the year

AtmaGo’s New Features

New Platforms Released

List of other platforms we released with partners to expand our impact

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