With the Atmago Community, let's clean the plastic trash on the beach

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Together with the Atmago Community
Residents help citizens
Today, on the 17th of August, the atmospheric community conducts beach cleaning activities at Cemare Beach, Tanjung an beach and Merese Hill. In this community we started, Atmago Environmental care. Maybe tis is considered a small thing but for as it will not be possible to do big things without small things first, like when we stare at a calm sea then turn into a creepy monster.
In the activities that we did a lot from various other communities that participated, not least from the students, the enthusiasm and caring of the community aims to give a sense of responsibility on how we both maintain the cleanliness of the beach and other animals that we are proud of.
You must ask
Why beach?
The beach is a natural atmosphere that is very amazing especially its natural beauty which in the main attraction of tourism. Don't we feel happy and proud when fishermen can survive from the sea, don't we feel happy when the beauty is maintained so that outsiders are interested in what our area has until it is crowded with visitors?
Nature, including the beach, gives life to humans, how can we not give anything for nature, including maintaining cleanliness and the animals that live ariund it that we really need to preserve.
Portrait of a small child whose parents depend on the sea, make us aware of the importance of marine products and the arrival of visiting tourists influencing the lives of people living on the coast, however, scattered garbage is very destructive to the sights and attractions of outside tourists, especially the lack of provision of trash bins and no-one provided is made the beach location become dirty.
The Atmago Community, invites us all to let us together maintain the beauty, cleanliness and coastal/marine animals that are very important for us to protect and preserve. Don't be proud of small things including throwing trash in its place.
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