Susi Pudjiastuti Wonder Woman from Indonesia

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Sometimes we think woman look as a weak human and woman can't do what man can do.
But this statement is broken by the figure of Ibu Susi Pudjiastuti. When she dropped out of school until finally decided becoming a fish collector to have a fish processing factory that has a share of foreign markets. During the Aceh earthquake in 2014, the aircraft Susi Air was the first one to help reaching the disaster site for victims in isolated areas.
In my point of view she is Kartini Kekinian or nowadays we call it Kartini Jaman Now.
The way she thinks has solved the problem of illegal fishing as we know Bu Susi always say "Tenggelamkan!" Haha.
Even though the pressure from various parties related to the policy,
she is not afraid of anyone, as long as she's right and doesn't violate existing regulations. From that regulation, provide big positive impact for fishermen in Indonesia.
I got great quotes from her "Bagi saya Ibu adalah segala-galanya, jalan rezeki dibuka dengan bakti kita pada orangtua, hal yang membuat hati seorang ibu bahagia bukanlah harta, melainkan akhlak seorang anak yang mulia" #BZAtmagoGiveaway #KartinisDay
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