Nuzulul Al-qur'an celebration is agent of morality

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Nuzulul Al-qur'an celebration ia agent of morality, it was the priest said. On Wednesday night 15 Ramdhan 1440 H, the people of west montong praje has host, we called it nuzulul al-qur'an celebration.
that agenda was a program of Nurul Iman Musholla, They invited TGh. Mahsun,. He is the pious person, He is from Taman Baru village.
the Priest said in his Speech "This moment is good chance to fix our characters, starting from bad character to good character, He said also "This celebration one of part agent of morality".
that celebration taught us how could we understand about holy al-qur'an stories and how could we understand about morality".
The next explained by priest "Don't leave this chance, because Allah put his kindness and he opens his amnesty, so if you leave this chance you are loser".
I hope from nuzulul al-qur'an we can be good people than before. #RamadhanBerkah
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