My Mother is My Hero

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Ini adalah laporan dari warga di wilayah kejadian. Harap berhati-hati dan selalu waspada. Jika butuh bantuan, hubungi  112
It's not easy raising 4 kids with all of our need only from a salary kindergarden guard. With all my mother's talent she try to fulfill our need and be a seller in a school cafetaria. She works really hard and made of what we are today. The message she always keep for us is she Said "All of my children should graduated from bachelor's degree" and she keeps that promises. My Mom is my hero. Hope she can see us happy from her place or wherever she is now. Rest in peace Mom. No words could describe us of how much love and gratitude that u sacrifice for being our mother. You made us so grateful to be ur children and thank you so much to be our greatest Mom ever... #BZAtmagoGiveaway #Kartinisday


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