Marissa Anita, The figure of Indonesian Kartini nowdays

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The figure of Indonesian Kartini nowadays is Marissa Anita. She is an Indonesian news anchor in one of national tv station in Indonesia. Marissa has been a journalist on Metro TV since 2008 and then moved on to be the host of "Indonesia Morning Show" at NET TV since 2013 to present. She is not only clever and broad-minded but also has an incredible charisma. Her warmth in every interview to her interviewees from various background has always been able to make her interviewees seem comfortable with the questions she asked.

In addition, Marissa also loves theatre, even long before she became a journalist she has been a theatre player since 2005. She used to appear in English-language drama along with her theatre English community “The Jakarta Players” in Jakarta. Pretty, smart, charismatic, but still firmly upholding the norm that should be in a woman is really very inspiring and should be called as Kartini nowadays. (LN)
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