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“Never, never, never, never give up and keep trying!” It’s probably one of the sentences that I would be heard from this beautiful girl while I start complaining about my life in front of her. Instead of saying "That's ok, be patience, or you will get something better than this" as some of my friends will do, she prefers to support me by sending her energy to cheer me up. She is Debby and I proudly introduce her as my best friend.

Debby is a person who inspires me to always achieve the targets that I have decided. She is not a person who is just talking without acting, but she will act and plan everything clearly. She has been through some unimaginable things through her life that some people underestimated her and thought that she was too ambitious. Instead of listening to what people said, she just ignored them and made a proven. She also had been chosen as a president in one of the Asian youth organizations and there was a moment while she needed to sacrifice a half of her time for the organization. This young girl also likes to join some volunteering projects especially in education and environment sectors. Believe or not at that moment, I was amazed at her spirit, and she inspired me to join some organizations and doing some volunteering projects. And I felt that it was fun, I met difference characters of people from various backgrounds and I was trained to be a good person in managing time. Don’t you see how inspiring she is?

In addition, she also inspired me to travel more. She has an idea that “The more you travel, the more you will get experiences”. She loves to do a solo traveling she never afraid to do it alone, cause she thinks that “There are many people are kind in this world”. Don’t you see how brave she is? And again, her idea always influenced me. I did a solo traveling and I proved it. I visited some places and felt the local's vibe, cause I do believe travel without connecting with local people is not called traveling.

One of the greatest things that she has is her idea about "It doesn't matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going." Yes, she was the first woman in her big family who graduated with a bachelor degree. She believes that education is an important thing even for a woman, while some of her family members were not really aware of it. I think that’s what women need to do for continue Kartini's spirit in this new generation.

So for me, instead of choosing another person who has been known by many people, I choose to introduce my best friend as one of my inspiring women in my life.
I am glad to know you, Debby.


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