It's Okay To Be Unicorn

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Diana Rikasari is well-known as Indonesian fashion blogger who turns to be a fashion designer. This hot mommy who has 2 cute children begins her shoes business at the end of 2010, called "Up". After 5 years pouring her passion and love to build shoes business, she creates another business called "Schmiley Mo", a unique yet cute modest clothing line. Then, at the beginning of 2017, she makes her own hand-made bag business named "Sun of A Fun".

She is a very confident woman who has quirky and extraordinary unicorn style in her daily fashion modes. Her colorful characteristic always brings cheerful energy around. I can feel that kind of happy virus and positive energy from her when I meet her for the first time. Sometimes, even though people think that her style is weird or even they stare at her just because her looks is very different among others, it doesn't mean everything is bad or weird. It depends on how we react to it. Look! With all of her consistance and persistance to keep up her passion in unique fashion style, now it brings her to the level where she can be young success entrepreneur. She has already got some awards and also has ever invited by a prestigious London Fashion Week. She doesn't only dream big but also work hard to make it comes true.

"Although people might fail you over and over and over again, just make sure that you don't fail yourself. " - Diana Rikasari -
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