Dee Lestari: Supernova who is Living Her Passion

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One of my inspiring woman is Dewi Lestari or has known as Dee, the author of Supernova series which are a masterpice in Indonesia's literacy.

I love her writing style, she did a lot of riset for her books and the results are always so detailed.
I haven't found any local author who write as good as her. She can write many genres: young adult, romance, even philosophy and spiritual.

She also a musician and already wrote so many hits songs.

What makes me adore her most is, she is so humble. I've met her twice and she never rejected any people who want to talk with her. She always smile, never she showed her superiority to us. Even on her social media, she often reply her fans's comments in friendly way as we are her close friend.

I love her value of live. She said that she defines her live with two words: literation and musics.

She's modern Kartini for me cause she can make her passion turns into her life, something that I think need much effort to achive. She also has a balance life between her career as author and musician, with her family. #BZAtmagoGiveaway #KartinisDay
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