Britzone English Community #BritzoneWednesdayClass

10 April 2019, 15:07 WIB
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Britzone English Community #BritzoneWednesdayClass
From Clover Team, Britzone Speaking Academy proudly presents :

Hello Dear Me

By Irna Yugaswatie | President of Initiatives of Change (IofC) Indonesia

In this sophisticated digital era, people are too busy doing things with work, social life, and smartphones. We are being too attached with gadgets, internet vortex, and exploring virtual worlds.

By spending too much time doing those things, we may turn into ignorant to our own needs, such as happiness, self-respect, and even dreams. Have you ever wondered when was the last time you listened to yourself? How do you connect and communicate with yourself? How well do you know yourself? or what does yourself actually want and like?

We would like you guys to come and join us to learn how to take care and love yourself more. Let's celebrate love and connection with our own self together 🎊

Location: The Library of Ministry of Education and Culture
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 4-5
Jakarta Selatan
- Day/Date: Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
- Time: 06.30PM - 08.00PM

Britzone is supported by Atmago and The Library of Ministry of Education and Culture

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