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Britzone English Community #BritzoneTuesdayClass
Britzone Tuesday Class by Venus Team Proudly Presents:

Using Grammar in Convo
by Bunga Use | English Teacher

Grammar plays a very important role in conversation. It helps us express concepts such as time, conditions, quantity, place and so on. With a good grammar, the conversation would be more understandable. Also, it enables our interaction to one another become more successful.

Which one do you think is more appropriate, "want to join me?" or "do you want to join me?" And which one do you think is better, "need to have a look at my resume?" or "do you need to have a look at my resume?"

Then, what do you know about grammar or how or even when to use them in conversations? Do you usually have trouble using grammar in conversation and does it affect your feeling or confident in conversation?
Let's practice with us and find out more at :

Place : Library of Ministry of Education and Culture

Date : July 2nd, 2019

Time : 6.30 - 8.00 PM

Britzone is supported by AtmaGo and Library of Ministry of Education and Culture

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