Britzone English Community #BritzoneSaturdayClass

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Britzone English Community #BritzoneSaturdayClass
From Clover Team, Britzone English Fun Day Class proudly presents


By Azizah (Zee) | Former Vice President of Britzone

As a human being, we all actually have potential in some area or another. No one came here without gifts. However, only a few of us who are able to realize that we are potentially capable of showcasing our talents, skills or everything we have inside us.

When we see other people showcasing their talents or skills in doing everything they love, we might wonder how they can do that, or why we can't do it like them. Sometimes, we're driven by our ego and want the instant result when we actually need to work hard and put lots of efforts to do the best in achieving our goal. We might underestimate ourselves, have less confidence to give our best, or simply just unaware of our true potential.

So, in order to find out how to unleash our potential, why don't you guys step into the class and try to find "the real you" together? Get ready for intensive sharing and discussion. Grab your seat and let's have fun!!

Location: The Library of Ministry of Education and Culture
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 4-5
Jakarta Selatan
- Day/Date: Saturday, April 06th, 2019
- Time: 11.00AM - 1PM

Britzone is supported by The Library of Ministry of Education and Culture

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