3 August 2018, 20:55 WIB
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Britzone Fun Day Class Proudly Present :

Netizen Journalism | Kustin Ayuwuragil Desmuflihah, Journalist

In a global world of media especially after the internet become our prime needs on a daily basis, the sources of news are abundant and it only takes one flipped away from our tiny fingers. Practically everyone could share the news update on their own.

However, there are challenges to the news we share. Though reporting seems fun and can boost up our followers, we also need to bear in mind that there are certain rules we need to follow.

So here is your invitation to be a part of citizen journalism. Let's join us and have more discussions of the DOs and DON’Ts as a basic knowledge to be a Netizen Journalist. Please save the date and time, enriched and engage yourselves in our class. Together will be more fun.

Mark your Calendar and enjoy your Saturday weekend with us by attending this Britzone Fun Day Class that will be held at :
- Date : Saturday, August 4th 2018
- Location : the Library of Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic Indonesia Jakarta
- Time : 11.00 AM - 01.00 PM#britzone #englishcommunity
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