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3 August 2019, 09:44 WIB
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Britzone English Community #BritzoneSaturdayClass
Britzone Saturday Class by Venus Team Proudly Presents:

Conductor: Sazsy Wijaya | English Trainer & Writer
Topic: Is Plan B Always Important?

We might be very sure about the things would happen amazingly after we graduated from school because we thought that we have planned everything perfectly without thinking about the failure. In fact, reality did not always run well as our expectations until we forgot to have other plans.

A few years have passed by but we were stuck in the situation that we never thought before. In that phase we might consider about the alternatives to solve it.
Unfortunately, this revelation came a bit too late. We had wasted many years of our lives chasing a dream when we could have been working on something else.

If we had different plans from A, B or even plan C we won't feel trapped. The more plans we have, the better we will feel about the outlook of our lives. We will be more positive and optimistic about the future and where our lives are taking us.

The question is.. should we always have plan B from the beginning? Is it necessary?
Let's find out in this Saturday class. Be ready for it, don't forget to have a breakfast and then go to:
Library of Ministry of Education and Culture
Day & Date: Saturday, August 3rd 2019
Time: 11 AM - 1 PM
Britzone is supported by AtmaGo, Payfazz and Library of Ministry of Education and Culture
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