Blake Lively is my Inspiration

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Maybe most og you don't know who Blake Lively is. Ok let me tell you about who is she. She is a model, actress, and spokeswomrn who has been choosen to be women power.Actually i have lots of inspiring women, i could take from business category, activist, politician etc and even my mother. My mother, i don't share about her because all human born in this world definitely very proud of their mother. She's such an angel who falling down to the world to guide and protect us to be always by our side with her strongest power. But what if it's from entertainment world which some of people see it as glamour and maybe negatif things?? So that's why here i choose to share about Blake Lively from entertainment category to make it different. I like her because she's smart, fun, friendly, and powerful women besides her beautifulness. Blake shows us another side of her multidimensional self in her latest venture as the founder of an online creative community and e commerce site called Preserve. Serving as an art digital monthly magazine, part e-commerce venture, part video blog, the site will seek out and celebrate people who are making things—food, outfits, pillows, plates, kitchen tables—with their hands. Also she's jumping on to become entepreneurs and activism. She's very care of humans in the world so that's why she speaks about children victims & abused, encourage all women and girls, visiting social place and many more while she have to take care of her little children. Many of Blake’s friends and family have compared her to an “old soul.” While she is youthful as ever with a future bright as can be, we have to agree that her wisdom is just as impressive as her charm and talent. #BZAtmagogiveaway #kartiniday
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