Aisyah Binti Abu Bakar Ra, Ummul Mukminin

28 April 2018, 02:00 WIB
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Gambar untuk Aisyah Binti Abu Bakar Ra, Ummul Mukminin
Aisyah Binti Abu Bakar is one of Rasulullah's wife. She was one of the women who inspired me a lot. Why? Can you imagine with a relatively young age, she has extraordinary thinking. She became a role model for women until now. Her passion in charity characterizes that she has a generous heart and also a high sense of sharing, her firmness when she makes decisions, means that she is a strong woman also intelligent.
She married The Prophet Muhammad SAW when she was 6 years old in Mekkah and began to gather with him when she was 9 years old in Medina. Other history mentioned, she married The Prophet Muhammad SAW at the age of 9 years and gathered with Him at the age of 11 years. When The Prophet sAW died, Aisya was only 18 years old.
Some of the advantages of her many advantages are she was memorize so many Hadist and Al-Qur'an, when it was not yet popular stationery and notebooks as a means of storing information. No less than 2.210 hadist narrated by Aisyah. Not only that, she also able to provide solutions to various religious problems that occur later, based on what she experienced with The Prophet Muhammad SAW. What he said and done, became the basis for her reference in providing solutions. Not infrequently some prominent friends came to Aisyah to ask for consideration.
That is the things why Aisyah be my inspired women, I've learn a lot from her.
Happy Kartini's Day for all of Amazing Women.
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