What is happening in your surroundings during pandemic

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Now I wanna tell a story about the new pandemic, if i’m not forgot it’s in march’20 and because i am college student, we have notification from the campus whose point is we must have a break 1 week and after that is continue 1 week added from a holiday again and then have a online meeting in my campus until now, September’21. maybe its like 1 and half year in the pandemic era, hopefully this corona virus disease will be gone from this world and dont come back again.
My Surrounding Environment
until now i write this story, i know like more than 10 people has a covid 19 in their body,hopefully they will get healthy again and some of them got self isolation (isoman), and can’t leave their home.in another case also the medical personnel have a good work also, they with their great effort help the people in the hospital and give the vaccines in the public are and all the vaccines was free. But most of the people like dont care with this pandemic situation like they are not using the mask, gather in the crowd and say covid is just a fake, but covid-19 is real, maybe they can go to the hospital and see the people lying down in the bed.
My Daily Activities in Pandemic
Because I am a college student and also teach the student too, All of the things i mostly in from home, and just a temporary from the campus, and in campus too not also as a student, but as a teacher. Have Some Like Trouble in this pandemic, but luckying me is no need drive to the university, open the laptop and you will be connected to the world. In this Pandemic have a advantages and disadvantages, the advantages is like we didn’t need to make more effort to drive and meet everyday in office or campus, we just meet in online, also we meet and have a quality time with our lovely family too, because in normal day hard to have this moments so we have to utilize this chance with happiness. And also have the disadvantages which is the negative side in this pandemic, so we hard to go to in another city and we must using mask like everytime we leave our home also maybe we need to have quality time with our friend, that’s also hard too, and the saddest one is the people has infected the virus covid-19.but whatever happens in our live, we need to be grateful, try our best and don’t forget to pray and InsyaAllah after that we will get the the best result from our creator.


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