What is happening in your surrounding during pandemic?

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Many years ago since the world was created, Humans interacted with each other in real-live mode. No distance, no barrier, or no social distancing that becomes a new term in our society today. It affects the lives of many, especially in business. One of the clearest things is the shift in sales that used to be done face-to-face, physical touch, which has now changed dramatically. Consumers are not allowed to dine-in, instead highly recommended to take-away, and sellers are asked to trade and have transactions with a set and limited time.

This current situation also happens in any place and reaches every corner of livelihood. However, it goes the other way around in my surroundings. When we see plague as change the pattern of ways of living and also shaping a new era as it is called “new normal” does not seem like a significant change at it. What the most mind-blowing part is wearing a mask is not a must, social distancing, no longer something to be concerned about, washing hands, is just an announcement. It has no even meaning in promoting the 5M’s Health Protocol. While the other parts of cities are having strict public restrictions to stop the virus spread.

Looking back on the most affected aspect namely business. Due to the lack of awareness toward the ongoing situation since it first came out by the end of 2019 and went explode in March 2020 not giving many changes of how “WE” make a living. It just goes normal as we used to and only fewer individuals are aware of it and implement what has been ordered. The other thing happening around my surrounding is a financial crisis. The income of people’s livelihood here is getting lower and nearly hit the poverty line. Most of their businesses are private sectors such as food vendors, food stalls, tailors, and any other small business alike. As the result, some of them find difficult to the least afford their children to continue their study at a higher level. Some hardly ever continue living in the city and choose to be back to their hometown and the rest are trying to survive day by day.

To sum up, in the last a hundred years when dengue fever, cancer, heart attack became the most frightening disease in the world that may cause death to humans are now no longer given pay attention due to the existence of a virus namely “Covid-19”. A new disease that not only causes death but also the loss of living and changes an old-human habit since then is well known as “social distancing” – a new rule to staying away from physical interaction. One of the fundamental things that have been affected is business and social enterprise that might lead to a more dangerous life. If this situation goes too far, the human will find its extinction in no time.


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