Transforming Negativity Into An Opportunity For SMEs During Covid-19 Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic appeared unexpectedly in Indonesia. We had never thought that it would happen. It paralyzed all sectors such as health, economic, education, social and others. COVID-19 was stressful for some people. It was a major global issue that we all had to address together.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to surprising and unexpected outcomes exactly for small midsized enterprises (SMEs). Covid-19 landed a heavy toll for all business sector. Many people lost jobs, earned low income, they went bankrupt even they closed the business.
According to Bank Indonesia (BI), the covid-19 pandemic has harmed up to 87,5 percent of SMEs. Approximately 93.2 percent of this total were negatively impacted in terms of sales. Obviously, covid-19 had the greatest impact on SMEs.

In my surroundings, many SMEs, including small businesses, food stalls, internet cafes, photocopier and stationery stores have been forced to close. A number of these enterprises were strategically located near a university and workplaces.

Since the middle of 2020, when covid-19 first appeared, government has prohibited all activity. As a result all employees and students should work and study from home. Normally, sellers can receive good omzet, but because of covid-19, they cannot. It has been a terrible time for many people, and it may increase the strain on them to survive in order to live.

The government intervened to resolve the issue. SMEs entrepreneurs are provided funding to help them continue their businesses by government. Government actions are extremely beneficial to entrepreneurs.

Despite the fact that they have gotten funding to help their businesses, they do not wish to rely on it. According to what I noticed in my neighborhood, the sellers are struggling to make their businesses improved by using social media to sell and share their products, mostly, to attract others to buy the products. For example, they open delivery order, create fresh and creative things with their product,and share interesting content on Tiktok and Instagram.

In conclusion, SMEs entrepreneurs must fight the covid-19 pandemic wisely and attentively to survive their businesses by making inventive efforts such as using social media as a tool.

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As an owner of small business, especially on F&B business, I feel that tho, thank you for representing!
Rika Tenri
get well soon Indonesia! I hope Indonesian citizens can rise up together and fight to restore the economy.
I agree with the opinion, as an enterpreneur, I feel like this, the government action is helpful for us. Such a simple and nice article!
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