The danger of Corona virus

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Hello everyone, in this good condition i would like to share the danger of Corona virus in our real life, this virus threaten our life, it enters from nose and transmitted to the respiratory tract and the effect are, fever, hard to breathe and many more, because of that this virus made many people died, so what should we do for this bad situation, firstly we have to aware and always obey the rules of our government, such as stay at home avoid the crowdness wear mask and always wash hands, why? Yes by this way we can avoid from the virus. As we can look Clearly,our life is not fine,we have to take care,where ever we are and what ever we do. It's commonly make us be aware. We needn't afraid but should be wise for every thing we do. We have many protection such as got vaccinated, drink as many vitamin, cause it's very important for our antibody,eat nutritious food ,and sunbathe. Actually we don't need to be afraid or worry about this pandemic situation but the virus should be afraid to human life but if we obey all of the rules and protection, if we obey sooner or later the virus Will be Disappear, that's why c'mon let's obey all of the rules. I don't know Clearly how about the situation Clearly of our each life since this virus but one thing that i'm sure, we Will safe don't be afraid but if we always take care. On the other hand i would like to share the condition of my surronding, as i look around me especially in the economies field, many people lost their job,work from home,got laid off,hard to find food, all small traders on the street expelled ,as we know that it's a way to make a living. How we can survive in our life,if the situation like this, if many people lost their job. But one thing that we have to remember,we are not alone we have our Almighty God who always help us on this bad situation that's why we must always give thanks ,what ever our situation, always struggle and never give up
We are as a normal person let us survive, struggle for our lovely one and our lovely country..


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