Solution for Covid

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Covid or pandemic are the the most virus which can be able to kill body of person. Without good analysis to this problem so the most population are living in this world would be nothing or dead, so it is important to take care of this problem soon and not to be tomorrow. Eventhought many solution have to did by many people and even all of people but it is not enough to make healing of our earth. So what should we do to this problem?. Now, until now, we just find a vactination to help every body so that not easy to get a virus, but it is not guarantee our body would immune by this covid'19. So, it can be concluded that we are still keep be carrefull all around. When this problem still ahalf to resolve, please don't make this problem being warm by panic. Because panic will not resolve this problem.

In this section, that should we do to help our government to be able saving our environment healing by saving our selves and saving our family then saving all around. Don't try take a decision by one self. It is really selfish and dangerous. Just help the government by diligently maintain health protocols. Then believe, they will able resolve this problem well and hope to almighthy God will also we have a favor from the creator. Then that is the solution for our life in this pandemic for this moment . Nothing is difficult eventhougth it is just like this pandemic have no sense to heal but just believe and persevere then our hoping being come true, believe that everybody we should strong and don't give up to this problem. We are the winner and the Champion.

Hope this sentences, word by word very usefull to the readers and made this sharing to be advice for everyone who had read to this sentences. And Have a nice day Everyone........



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