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Hello Ladies and Gentleman........
Now, In this occasion let me tell you about covid that happen world wide.

Okay. All of people know, about the problem happen in this world. Why not, this so disgusting. Never know why this happen to this whole life, to this world, are we being punished by the creator? . Or are we just reminding by God? About all of our mistaken as long as we live. Oh this is so bad. How to be confident with this problem, with this cases?. Am I wrong to be worry?, there are a lot of things coming to be problem, and maybe could it be solve. But about this problem really really and really dangerous. Just shut up! And sorry. And now it is not the time to complain but, we should looking up of the keywords, about the solution to this problem. Stop, I have any issuee which it would be worth it to do. That is why, now I give this writing to persuade all of people who had read this written to be able to avoid this problem by keep up the cleaning of hand. And then have many a prayers so that Thy Lord could help us to resolve all of this problem and then about remind each other to hold on this situation.

Hello good People, as long as I live, I never felt like this before. And I sure all of you also felt the same. How come, this situation come to our life without permit to us. Is it right? . I have talking about the solution in the first paragraph. But we still stuck in this problem. Dont know when this problem will resolve. Now the condition is not stable where people should be carrefull when go to somewhere. Then a student can not study effectively anymore and even because of study from home they were using their mobile phone with playing game and forget about their school. It is really bad for a mind and to their future. We can said we can crying because of this problem. The future leader really can not help in this time. And the minister of education being confuse of this problem. Oh this is so bad

I hope this article and my sharing about covid could it be really benefit to the readers. Thanks. Have a nice Day✨



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