Sammy Eldin story about pandemic

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Sammy Eldin, 53, is back home in Howard County after two harrowing weeks battling COVID-19 at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and three days of inpatient treatment for a heart arrhythmia that appears to be COVID-related.

Though he’s still gaining his strength — his wife, Tina, jokes that he circulates from couch to kitchen to dining room and back again — he’s grateful for his improving health and the care he continues to receive.

Admitted March 16 and released March 30, the founding partner of Tricap Investments was one of the first inpatients with COVID-19 at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. Since then, the hospital has treated and released hundreds of patients who had COVID-19 and then recovered from the potentially fatal disease.

“We were still trying to figure out the trajectory of the illness,” says Brian Garibaldi, M.D., a critical care physician specializing in pulmonary disease, and medical director of the hospital’s biocontainment unit. “It was stressful for him as a patient, but also stressful for us as a care team.”

Eldin, who travels frequently for work, flew home to Dulles International Airport on March 8 from a two-week trip to Asia and London. During his travels, he took pains to sanitize his hands frequently, and even avoided food on the flight.

But three days later, he developed a fever, and the following day, March 12, it spiked to nearly 103. Though he did not have the classic COVID-19 symptoms of a sore throat, cough or shortness of breath, Eldin was worried, especially when acetaminophen brought only limited relief.


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