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It's a kind to share my work from home (WFH) experience during this tough moment for us.

I am going to start with my occupation. Actually I do not really WFH right now because I still have to go to work, just have shorter work time. I am a pharmacist in a pharmacy store. Nowadays, people are still looking for vitamins, hand gloves, masks or alcohol for sterilization. They do sometimes ask about the truth of a news. For example, they want to know whether is it important to consume vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc during this period. So my WFH mostly about reading some journals or research to answer those questions. Like I do not read that as "we must consume those vitamins routinely in high dosage" but we have to get enough nutritious food daily. For adults, we only need around 80-100 mg vitamin C in a day, not as much as 500-1000 mg that contain in common supplement products. We can fulfill that as simple as eating 2 oranges everyday.

That is my work from office and work from home story. I hope everybody stay healthy and focus on good thing.
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