Developing the Potentials of Indonesian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises amid the Pandemic

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Gambar untuk Developing the Potentials of Indonesian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises amid the Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has immensely affected our lives in various aspects. In the economic sector, many Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises or UMKM have experienced obstacles due to the pandemic. Some of them had to close their businesses because of their financial issues. As a result, many people have lost their jobs. A few weeks ago, I read a heart-wrenching story on the internet. A group of small and medium-sized enterprises in Yogyakarta raised white flags in front of their shops during the restrictions of public activities or known as the PPKM. The white flag symbolizes their surrender in facing the community activity restrictions. They admitted that their revenues had sharply descended because of the pandemic. There was nothing they could do to maintain their businesses. They hoped the situation would improve soon. Hence, they can operate normally.

Similar problems also emerged in other cities across Indonesia. Recently, my cousin, who lives in North Jakarta, had to close his satay restaurant. He had to close the restaurant because only a few visitors came there during the pandemic. Therefore, he and his team decided to close it. He initiated this business with his colleagues approximately at the beginning of 2021. However, the pandemic destroyed his dream to expand his restaurant business. At first, he was disappointed. But, he did not give up. Thankfully, he has now found another job.

The pandemic has caused hazardous impacts for our small and medium-sized enterprises. Despite the setbacks, we should collaborate to overcome the challenges. As Indonesia's future generations, we can also contribute to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the advancement of information technology, we can support Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises by introducing and promoting them on our social media. For example, we can make videos about Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises and post them on our Instagram or Youtube accounts. In addition, we can also utilize citizen journalism applications such as the Atmago application to disseminate information about Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises. Through this application, we can inform other people about the small and medium-sized enterprises surrounding us. We can also review their products. Therefore, their products can be more acknowledged. Let us support and appreciate Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises by promoting their products and giving them constructive feedback. Hopefully, these actions can help small and medium-sized enterprises flourish amidst the pandemic.





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Adi R
This article gave me better understanding about Indonesian small and medium sized enterprises and the ways we can do to help them survive in this pandemic. I like that you also told a story about someone affected by the pandemic. That's good.
Dinda Aulia
Amazing writing! I hope it can at least give strength for small and medium-sized business owner in Indonesia to rebuild their 'dream' back.
What an insightful story. Thank you for sharing. I hope our UMKM will grow stronger. Thank you for sharing.
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